6240 21st Ave
Lemoore, CA 93245
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We are 3rd generation dairy farmers in Lemoore, California and we are proud to bring you our fresh Cheese and milk.

Our special recipe Fromage Blanc is made from love by our family. It is produced on our own dairy farm, from our very own cows!

Our Fromage Blanc comes in six great flavors; “Naked,” “Central Coast,” “Azores,” “Rosarito,” “The Valley,” "Bliss", and "Ol' West"

Dairy Goddess also offers Chipotle Jack, our first aged cheese. You can purchase a block at your local farmers market.

*We are proud to introduce Dairy Goddess "Cream top" Whole and Chocolate milk! The milk is non-homogenized and lightly pasteurized. Our goal is to keep is whole, with as little amount of processing as possible. Try some at your local farmers market!

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